The Angle Theory

Any disease is just a message sent by our body to us to change something and save our lives. In a sense, the disease is a survival instinct reaction.

Taking into account that something in our path is wrong, that is the reason why our body is trying to communicate with us through the disease.

Somehow, any definitive cure has to change the direction from which the patient is walking. The patient has to abandon his attitude of “sickness” (totally subconscious in most cases). We normally ignore what acts or attitudes are the ones causing the symptoms.

Natural Acupuncture (India): Imagine that the course the patient is following is the wrong one and that is why the body is trying to warn him (disease). All definitive healing in some way has to change the course the patient is following. It is no good getting rid of his headache if he’s going to continue hitting himself over the head with a stick when he gets home. The patient has to get rid of this “sick” attitude, which is subconscious in the majority of cases.  The patient does not know what acts or attitudes in his everyday life provoke the symptom.

We, as therapists of acupuncture in India, do not know either. We need to be aware that it is not necessary for us to know or for the patient to know for him to be healed.  We only need to know one thing: the disease is a cry of complaint from the body because it feels that something is not being done correctly. Every disease is a subconscious cry that the patient has to deal with.  It is not necessary to deal with it consciously; sometimes awareness interferes with healing.  It is a question of a dialogue between subconsciouses.  That is why the great Master says nothing. He knows that it doesn’t have to be known, but must make the other know without knowing. It is like a father who says nothing; he just looks at you and works, and you understand everything.  Then, without realizing it, we set aside our sick attitude and we feel good.

Tension disappears and nature will take us back to equilibrium through its inertia.  That is what this is all about. That is the first thing we need to understand and never doubt: just putting it in our blood and being it. This is the center of the coordinate axis.

The Angle theory tells us that the patient’s sudden subconscious “understanding” produces a subtle change in the angle, course or direction.  This little subconscious change is imperceptible in the present; it is only a sensation inside.  However, if it has remained firm over time, it will gradually produce visible results.

The upper Figure shows a representation of this theory where the “starting point” is the moment of the disease.  If the patient continues to move forward in this direction over time, the disease will grow.  An accurate blow to his subconscious would produce a “subtle change” which would show hardly any symptoms at the time, but all the pain and diseases would be disentangled over time, as the change would be in the right direction.  As the “artificial” tensions disappear, nature returns the patient’s equilibrium.

Thus, the aim of a great Master is not to heal a patient spectacularly but to produce an internal change that is slight but decisive, and forceful so that it does not go wrong again. However, we are not addressing the patient but his subconsciouses, because if they lose their tension, time is on our side.,

In these acupuncture courses in India, we will treat patients using the Angle Theory as the main principle.

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