All patients are treated free of charge   non-profit

Great number of patients, intensive experience. You will see for yourself the results of Natural Acupuncture.

Eastern patients vs. Westerns patients

One of the main reasons for setting up ECAN School of Acupuncture comes from the opportunity of working with both Eastern and Western patients. This brings us the great chance of comparing the origin of diseases, steps for recovery, and attitudes management.

Goa and Rishikesh are the most visited destinations in India by Eastern patients, and many of them stay for long periods.

Patients that teach:

As a practitioner, you always learn a lot from your patients, their symptoms, reactions, and personal stories. But here in India, we can see that they don’t rush into our typical Western mistakes like stress or hurry, competition, fast food, or too many pills or other addictions. In India and Nepal, the way of living is much easier, as they practice calmness, peace, lack of competition, and simplicity.

By taking the pulse, getting into their subconsciousness, observing the breathing, following the way of health recovery, all this will put you face to face with the deepest root of their culture, their meaning of life and understandings. This trip to their hearts will be the great master that you need to learn about diseases, acupuncture and about yourself.

Let their attitude on facing difficulties be your teacher.


All patients are treated free of charge   non-profit


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