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At present ECAN has two branches: In Madrid (Spain) and in Goa (India). 

ECAN- International School of Acupuncture was founded in 2003 by Prof. David Lujan. Graduated in psychology in 1983, Prof. D. Lujan has been developing over the years an easy system of teaching for the students. “We all learn by action, as we only really listen from our inside”.  All students can see from themselves during the practices (30 h a week) the benefits of the treatments. But Prof. D. Lujan didn´t want a system that only great masters are able to prove with the result, but a system where a single student could achieve beneficial results in patients. And this is ECAN, an International School of Acupuncture where students work with patients from day one, a place where students are the ones who produce these results.


Ecan teachings are based on the remarkable book by Prof. David Lujan: Manual of Natural Acupuncture. From which he was awarded at the 47th World Congress for Complementary Medicine (2009) with the Merit of Excellence.


ECAN School of Acupuncture has been training professionals in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) for many years and in several different countries. (Sri Lanka, Spain, Chile, Nepal, India, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa)

This series of intensive courses will give students the opportunity to acquire an immeasurable experience and be able to practice on a large number of patients.

The PULSE TAKING and the art of BREATHING is the main diagnosis. The method lies in the profound understanding of the 13th subconsciousness that lives and gives form to our internal organs.

See ECAN Diagnosis Sheet: pulse taking and breathing.

 All students in our School will acquire these two main skills in order to perform traditional Acupuncture. Knowing with precision every profound aspect of subconsciousness, and how it manifests in breathing and other different forms.

We work with a variety of names for subconsciousness and acupuncture points. These names are used for a better understanding and facilitating the selection of points, so the practitioner finds it manageable and results accumulate much faster and clearer.

By going to the emotional sources of the disease (or what the ancient Chinese called “spirits”) we are able to address a much wider range of pathological problems.

ECAN is also a member of the International Union of Complementary Medicines – Group 1 / Section 1 / national number 595 281 (Approved by The Hague – European Committee).

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