Pathological relationships

In the Yellow Emperor’s book (acupuncture’s oldest book) we can read constant references to what they call the mother/son relationship. But it is not well explained, how it is applied. We have been trying to fit it in many ways like the Theory of the 5 Elements, but it is clear what does not match.

Why did the ancient shamans call the Mother/Son relationship? We immediately think that the mother always helps the son, cherishing and protecting him. But in ancient times things were a little different and mothers often used their children as workers’ labor. The son was not the king of the house as it is today but the servant, who is asked to do things.

Did they mean that in a pathological relationship, the Mother abuses her Son so one organ abuses others? This is why we have changed the terms for a better understanding, and call the Sadistic/Masochistic relation between the organs.

As acupuncturists and practitioners, we tend to think that a particular organ is the reason for the disease. If I have cirrhosis of the liver then I point out my liver as having failed. If I have pulmonary fibrosis I accuse the lung. Or if I have a headache, the problem is in the brain. But what if the organ affected by the symptoms is not the real killer? What about if they are not guilty? Just the relation itself might be pathological. The same happens in our everyday lives.

So there is no guilt in Natural Acupuncture, the sadistic has a complex (inferiority complex) so he manages to do anything not to confront the functions where the actual complex resides. To avoid this he abused other organs called the Masochistic to do extra work. The Masochistic is the one who gives the signs of disease as it is overwhelmed. But he also ends up with a complex (insufficient complex).

  • – At the pulse the sadic appears low, crouching, but stress comes and goes, hides and sticks. It is a false YIN. It needs to be sedated.
  • – At the pulse, the Masoquist appears high, strong, and tense, with hard work. But it is exhausted from so much responsibility. It’s actually a false YANG. It really needs to be confiscated.

In these acupuncture courses in India we will treat patients using the Pathological relationships between organs.

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