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A patient’s symptoms do not always directly reflect the underlying disease. Frequently, diseases manifest as imbalances within specific organs, leading to symptoms in the corresponding tissues. Traditional medical approaches often identify these imbalances through methods such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, enabling the discovery of the root cause of the issues.

By focusing on addressing these imbalanced organs rather than merely suppressing symptoms, traditional practices aim to provide relief to patients. This approach contributes to a decrease in the likelihood of re-occurrences, emphasizing the importance of treating the source of the problem for lasting health benefits.

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Acupuncture Therapy

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Blood Cupping Therapy

Ancient Natural Healing

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Pulse Diagnosis

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Cupping Therapy

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Ancient Healing Technique


Electro Acupuncture

Targeted Acupuncture Modality


Moxibustion Therapy

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Auricular Therapy

Ear Acupuncture



Bee Treatment Healing


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Homeopathy Treatments

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Pasionate Traveler
Pasionate Traveler
I know teacher David for a long time , and I have attended a couple of his courses in different countries Spain, Bali, India and every time I’m amazed by his knowledge. Always comes with new information and I have seen many patients healed and also Students . He’s taking good care of everyone as it was his own family My own life has changed and I’m fully grateful. His gift is to change people’s life, to heal and ,to help them find their destiny. Thank you 🙏
Дмитрий Краснощёков
Дмитрий Краснощёков
They make magic things like trivial things. Рекомендую.
Lilly Gopal
Lilly Gopal
Learning from David Lujan is highly informative , coming from his research and experience . Classes are unique and the results are instant in treating patients.
Lidwine Bausch
Lidwine Bausch
Natural acupuncture and Dr. David Lujan are unique! He teaches with full heart, for students and patients. i'm so very thankful for all the lessons, and for seeing improvements in our patients every day!
Xavier Louis
Xavier Louis
amazing and teaching natural path way to cure decease.
Cc Magesh
Cc Magesh
It's right place to get full knowledge of Acupuncture. With living legend Master David lujan

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