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Intensive Courses 4 weeks

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Nov 2024 – GOA 


Intensive Course of Acupuncture

Jan in Bali 2025 

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Join us in our Intensive Acupuncture Courses in INDIA and BALI and practice acupuncture with a great number of patients. This is your unique adventure, for all your life, help us to cure hundreds of patients and learn for yourself the basis of diseases, the mysteries underneath problems: fascia, anatomy, organs commands, brain work, traumas…

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Natural Acupuncture is a method of learning as well as a method of work; but nothing but Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is so easy to acquire, based upon natural relationships within our inner organs, just the same as our everyday relationships (Merit of Excellence).


PULSE TAKING and the art of BREATHING is the main. The method lies in the deep understanding of the 13th subconsciousness that lives and gives form to our internal organs.

Click here to see: ECAN Diagnosis Sheet: pulse taking and breathing


Come to work, to see for yourself, to help and cure for yourself. Around 30 to 50 patients per day in your hands and under the supervision of a great master – Traditional Chinese Medicine.

(no previous experience is required) 

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Natural Acupuncture

Upcoming Course

April in Bali 2024 

Intensive Acupuncture Course

fee- 1500 USD
Lectures and Practices with real patients / real clinical cases
The book not included
  – BALI – Uluwuatu

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Our Transformative Healing Solutions

Sciatica Treatment in goa

Orthopedic Acupuncture

Discover Relief and Renewed Mobility

Experience relief from Spinal, Neuro Muscular, and Joint Disorders. Take action now for a healthier you.
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Acupuncture Clinic in Goa

Traditional Acupuncture

Achieve Total Wellness

Transforming Lives through Our traditional Nadi Parikshan, Organ Balancing Acupuncture, and Complimentary Therapies.
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Nadi Parikshan in Assagao Goa

Nadi Parikshan

Nadi Parikshan

Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Parikshan ) is a traditional method of interpreting One's Mind, Body, Organs, Dysfunctions, Ailments, Emotions, Traumas and way forward towards healing inside out.
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About Professor Dr. David Lujan

He who helps others heal, Lord takes care of his health.

For this series of acupuncture courses in India, we will have the honor of having Prof. David Lujan from Spain as the headteacher. He will be lecturing and displaying treatments for a variety of diseases.

Prof. David Lujan is known worldwide as the founder of Natural Acupuncture, a method of teaching and procedure in alternative medicines.

He has giving courses in; Sri Lanka, Chile, India, Spain, Nepal, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia. South Africa.

Prof. David Lujan obtained a psychologist degree from the Autonomy University of Madrid (Spain).

5-Star Excellence: Our Google Reviews

Pasionate Traveler
Pasionate Traveler
I know teacher David for a long time , and I have attended a couple of his courses in different countries Spain, Bali, India and every time I’m amazed by his knowledge. Always comes with new information and I have seen many patients healed and also Students . He’s taking good care of everyone as it was his own family My own life has changed and I’m fully grateful. His gift is to change people’s life, to heal and ,to help them find their destiny. Thank you 🙏
Дмитрий Краснощёков
Дмитрий Краснощёков
They make magic things like trivial things. Рекомендую.
Lilly Gopal
Lilly Gopal
Learning from David Lujan is highly informative , coming from his research and experience . Classes are unique and the results are instant in treating patients.
Lidwine Bausch
Lidwine Bausch
Natural acupuncture and Dr. David Lujan are unique! He teaches with full heart, for students and patients. i'm so very thankful for all the lessons, and for seeing improvements in our patients every day!
Xavier Louis
Xavier Louis
amazing and teaching natural path way to cure decease.
Cc Magesh
Cc Magesh
It's right place to get full knowledge of Acupuncture. With living legend Master David lujan

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