ECAN is committed to its students for good.

We offer several tools to help the students after the conclusion of their degree.

1 – FORUM: It’s important to participate in the ECAN FORUM and display cases and experiences. Spending time there reading all different situations will teach you a lot.

Prof. David Lujan will be there to respond to questions, give advice and help with details in treatments.

According to our experience, those who are more active in FORUM participations, are the ones with better results in their practices. 

2 – Practices: For old students, Practices are open at any time. It’s beneficial from time to time to come back and refresh, share, and following the treatments with the professor.

According to our experience, those who are more active in Post-Graduates participation, are the ones with better results in their practices.

From a minimum of 50 hours to 200 hours to become an expert, and so on with no limit of Practices participation.

Use these two important tools placed in your hands and you will never be lost or alone. 

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