A Maths student can take a formula from his teacher and apply it and it will also give the same result. But things are quite different in healing. We all have innumerable manuals which clearly describe treatments for specific illnesses. We have no doubt that these acupuncture treatments of any other treatments produced an optimum result at the time. However, the student faithfully follows what is in the book, which is generally explained in a very simple fashion, but the result does not work out correctly.  Do acupuncture books lie? Well, they do and they don’t.  Actually, the person who wrote it knew how to do it, but knowing how to do it is different from being able to explain it. It’s as if a famous chef gives you a list of ingredients. There are subtleties, which perhaps even the chef himself doesn’t know, which make all the difference to the final taste. These tiny subtle differences mean that we might or might not be able to heal. How can we explain in a book the tiny subtle things of a healing process when this process is so dynamic and changeable? A certain type of breathing in a patient can make the expert change his/her initial decision.  Or the sudden observation of a response of a acupuncture needle, the breathing.  Or the fluttering of a hand at the right moment.

As we said, in acupuncture there is no way of drawing up a systematic law in any current medical science. There are no magical formulae or points in the body which always have the same effect.  Acupuncture points are not magic buttons which you press and everything they say in books happens. Learning the acupuncture points and their functions is like trying to learn a language by studying the dictionary.  You can learn a thousand words in Chinese and still not be able to speak Chinese. There are people who know a lot about acupuncture, but what we are looking at here is not knowing acupuncture but knowing how to heal using it.  What is there to hang on to, if everything seems so unstable and changeable? Well, there is a maxim in all of this. We say there are no systematic formulae, or tables, or remedies, or points in the body, but we do find people who are systematic and heal whatever they touch. “It’s not the points or the needles, it’s the person behind the needles.”

It’s not a question of learning acupuncture in India: it’s a question of learning to be acupuncturists.  The difference is in being. It’s odd but it is the being, the id, the individual behind, with all his or her subjective complex system, who in the end can make health into a systematic discipline. Let’s forget the interest in learning the points and the philosophies and go straight to the most important question:  What is behind all these great healing men? There are lots of them all round the world and the ones recorded in history are even more numerous. Sometimes, we see that they used very different methods of work. Will we find that they all had something in common? Acts, behaviour that is repeated, a gesture, etc.?

I have met several of these healers. The closest to me was undoubtedly my master AntonJayasuriya who treated nearly 3.8 million patients.  His students were never able to achieve what he had achieved.  The method, however, appeared to be very simple.  For instance, he cured many diabetic people with three acupuncture points. Nobody else was able to do it using the same points.  If you are curious to know what these three points for diabetes are, just let me say that you are not getting the message.  The subtleties behind the master are what are important. However, a man from the country, who also had diabetes and was cured by my master, learnt the points.  They are very simple. He went back to his village in the mountains of Sri Lanka and, using his fingers instead of needles, pressed the points time and again.  He managed to cure fifteen diabetic people in his village.

Anton Jayasuriaya had some 160,000 students round the world, very highly qualified doctors and important people.  But only a country person with no education or training managed to achieve the same as the master, with his thumb: curing diabetes once and for all. What did that man have that the other students didn’t?  At the international conferences on alternative medicine, to which he was invited, the same man stood up in the middle of a talk and said to a famous Indian doctor, “I don’t understand anything”.  Everyone laughed but then fell silent, because that man had healed fifteen diabetic people and there was no one else in the huge room full of renowned people from round the world who had achieved that.

That peasant made us all think. Does so much knowledge sometimes get in the way?  Perhaps the key lies in simplicity, in the lack of questions? At the end of the day, that is what it says in the ancient nomad shaman texts.

Nameless simplicity makes desire disappear.  The absence of desire soothes and the world sorts itself out.(Tao Te King)


It’s true. We see it all the time. Generally speaking, great healers tend not to be highly educated people or people who come to complicated conclusions.  They tend to be simple and direct, quiet, sometimes rough and almost rude, but they all have a strange presence which is a little frightening and we don’t know why.  We are dumb and defenceless before them, observing like a disoriented fawn before a lion.

The five coordinates of the great Master (acupuncture)

As we are not interested in needles, points or underlying philosophies just at the moment, we venture to define being.  How to be.  The how is the subconscious interior of these great healers.

We might initially think that these people have a gift; they were born like that and those of us who were not born to do miracles cannot do anything. But this is not totally true; there may be certain tendencies from birth which make the process easier, but in the life of these people we also clearly see a stage where they go from not achieving anything to achieving these “miracles” in a systematic fashion. The methods used are very varied and are not of interest to us just at the moment.  The interesting thing is to see that there is a moment when they understand something and everything in them changes in relation to others.  What is this type of understanding which seems to be unrelated to what is academic or logical?

Today, we call a person who has many academic qualifications and awards knowledgeable, but traditionally the healer was called wise.  Even if they did not show great knowledge in their discourse, they were regarded as wise because they understood nature within themselves.  Not necessarily their own nature, but the nature of others. They do not necessarily have to be clean, wholesome individuals, with no ego and no evils.  They just have to make others like this.  That is wisdom, traditionally speaking.  So we don’t have to be very clever and qualified, but just very wise? Let’s just say that healing does not happen through the brain, but through the entrails, the intelligence of the entrails.

Now we are going to compile a list of these patterns or coordinates which appear to be common to all the great healing masters. However, let’s not forget that understanding these patterns is no guarantee that we are also healers. We said it before: “It’s not a question of understanding it, you have to be it”.  It is a question of spacial coordinates, because that it is where it moves in an unceasing circle, like the cycles of nature. Simplicity: rotation, transfer, circularity and gente but forceful dynamism. It all has to be in the blood, with the determinism of gravity and it has to guide like a compass from within. As we shall see, all of them make up and look for each other: only the centre is the rotation axis for the others.

For the moment understanding is the first step. It’s like cooking.  We’re only cooking, we’re not feeding ourselves. It has to be eaten later.   That is why it has always been said that the art of healing is not a profession, but a way of life. The commitment is total.  If you are not prepared to take on the commitment, then you had better give up now.  The person who does not forget that while they are reading our book will definitely be an excellent pupil.

The five coordinates which uphold the soul of the great healing Master are: (upper Figure)


- The Angle theory (centre)

- Natural Body Intelligence (west)

- The Mirror Master (north)

- The Door of Ritual (east)

- Ancestral Shock (south)



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