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- Dear traveller: for your convenience, Intensive Courses last less than a month. However you are welcome to continue with more practices as much as you want from November to the end of March every year.

Great amount of patients are coming for treatment daily

Hundreds of patients are waiting at the door as usual


Total Intensive Acupuncture Course  - 930 USD

Lectures and Practices

Lectures from 9 am to 1 pm and practices from 5 pm to 9pm

Monday to Friday

Material and the book no included


Practices are running continuously form the 2sd of November 2015 until the 25 th of March 2016

Goa - from November to March

  (After the Main Course is completed, is optional if you want to continue for more experiences with patients.


Extra weeks to enlarge your practice and experience 

60 USD per week

(for longer stay -more than an extra month- ask for your price)




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